St Nicholas, Hereford


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St Nicholas’ - The Church on the Bridge

Here you find details about  the services and notices, events etc., that take place throughout the parish including Christmas events

Link to pictures from Matthew Cashmore’s first Eucharist & following lunch -1st July 2018

The parish is part of The West Hereford Team Ministry. This comprises, in addition to St Nicholas’,

Weekly Sheet

 you will also find details of the Church


175th Anniversary Celebrations


parish of St Michael’s at Breinton.

 the parish of Holy Trinity, Hereford,


Parish of All Saints, Hereford

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God,source of all life and love, free us from the tombs in which our fears, past hurts, and resentments imprison us,and draw us into your eternal life now and forever. We ask you this through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Let us remember, before God, and commend to his safe keeping those who have died for their country in war;

those whom we knew, and those whose memory we treasure;

and all who have lived and died in the service of the peoples of the world.