The famouse St Nich’s Mice


The Crafts Stall

8th to 10th August ---  10 am to 5.30 pm -- Daily

Herefordshire’s Heritage

The church will be decorated for this festival of flowers and crafts to coincide with festival week. There will be displays by local artists, gifts for sale [including the intriguing ‘Chorister Mice’] and free entertainment at lunchtimes for your delight.

There will be light refreshments for sale and, in keeping with Hereford’s status as a Fairtrade city, all coffee and tea will be from the Fairtrade range.

For further details please contact 01432 273810.

Free Entry

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Theme:     Brian Hatton

Theme:   Alfred Watkins

Brian Hatton was born at Whitecross Road,Hereford in 1887.One of Hattons first commissions was a portrait of Bishop John Percival of Hereford.Hatton was killed in action in 1916.

Theme:        Rev. Francis Kilvert Sponsored by:   Watkins & Thomas

A noted scolar of Ley Lines, Watkins was born in Hereford in 1855. He was also a respected photographer who made and manufactired some of his own equipment. Alfred lived in Broomy Hill in the parish of St Nicholas’ and had many interests and hobbies that involved him in local life in Hereford.

Kilvert, of Clyro, was one of the most famous diarists of his time. At the time of his death, in 1879, he was vicar of Bredwardine.

Theme:         John Masefield  sonsored by: Lewis & Co.


The Poet Laureate, John Masefield was born at Knapp in Ledbury. This post was bestowed on him in 1930 and he held it until his death in1967. Masefield was also an Honorary Freeman of the City of Hereford.


Theme: Roger Kemble & Sarah Siddons.           Sponsored by: NatWest

Hereford was the birth place of both David Garrick and Roger Kemble - two famous actors and playrights. John Kembble’s children, especially Sarah Siddons became more famous than their father.

Theme:   John Abel


Architect, John Abel, was a Royalist who, during the seige of Hereford in 1645, constructed mills for grinding the City’s corn and it was for this that Charles I gave him the title ‘King’s Carpenter’.


Theme: Nell Gwyn Sponsored by: Humberts

Theme: Edward Elgar

3choirsKalil GibranWEB_thumb

Theme:       Kahlil Gibran

Sir Edward Elgar, born 1857,in Worcestershire taught himself to play a wide variety of instruments and composed many well known works. He is closely linked with the Three Choirs Festival and lived in Hereford between 1904 and 1911. His composition ‘The Kingdom’ featured in thhis year’s Festival programme.

Nell was born in Pipewell Lane - now called Gwynne Street, in this parish, and close by the Cathedral. Her grandson became James Beauclerk - later Bishop of Hereford.


The Mother’s Union display

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