The East Window has three lights, erected to the memry of Mr George B Hanbury, M.R.C.S., a beloved physician, and a general favourite of the poor. His genial, happy disposition brought sunshine into many gloomy, saddened homes. The Centre light represents Christ blessing His disciples prior to His Ascension, and beneath the picture are the words: ‘While He blessed them, He was parted from them’. On the left is a figure of St John, with a lamb on one hand and a staff on the other. On the right is a figure of St Luke, and stretching along the base of the three windows is this inscription: ‘To the Glory of God. George Bobart Hanbury, M.R.C.S., son of the late Rev. J. Hanbury.’ On a brass plate beneath are these words: ‘This window was erected to the memory of George Bobart Hanbury, by his patients and friends, 1890’

The rerdos, a fine piece of carved oak, with the emblematic Lily of the Valley, and the Vine, conventionally drawn in gold, is erected to the memory of Mr Hanbury, and his widow, 1890.

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