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Join St Nicholas’ 50+ Club

6 draws per year: 3 prizes per draw: 1 per month:see Nancy Preece (266439) or Geoff Higginson.(850428)


PCC Meetings



Please contact the Team Office with details of your publicity requirements.

Please keep them informed of all events and decisions that affect St Nicholas’

Please collect your ‘Used Stamps’


and place them in the box at the back of church - Thank you





see notice board at church door

 Messy Church

3.15 to 5.15


Do you have any empty egg boxes we could use ? If so, please leave them at the back of St Nicholas’ Church before 15th September 2014 . Thanks.









Next Deadline for articles:   7th of the preceding month

Please send to Team Office

or e-mail to office@westherefordteam.org.uk

Please save your small change

There is a coin jar at the back of church

In aid of St Nicholas’




CMS and Children’s Society Boxes

Please return boxes to church for emptying. Give to Paul Bradley-Lloyd or Dave Piears







Jam Jars Wanted

1 lb or smaller

wanted by Anne Newman for the Bell Fund - please leave at the back of the church.


















Sunday 17th June

Team Comfirmation

Confirmation classes start on Sunday 13th May 12.30pm - 1.30pm at Holy Trinity

Monday 18th June

Messy Church

3.15pm - 5.15 pm




Saturday 30th june

Hereford Cathedral


Matthew will be ordained

followed by refreshments at All Saints

Sunday 1st July

Team Service at        10.30 am

Matthew’s first Eucharist at St Nicholas’ Church. Followed by Lunch (lists at back of church)







11th to 14th October

Pilgrimage to Walsingham

cost:231 includes accommodation,travel and all food. Contact Fr Mathew.






PCC Meetings

50+ Club


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