On a plain, massive, marble tablet, in the chancel, is engraven, a beautiful testimony to the predecessor of Rector, the Rev. Samuel Holmes; a finer tribute could not have been paid to a pastor’s character and work: ‘Sacred to the memory of the Rev. Thomas William Parry, M.A., who departed this life on the 27th July 1871, aged 45 years. He was truely remarkable in all the relations of life, and was deservedly beloved and respected as a zealous and a faithful Minister of Christ, with whom he now rests in peace. This tablet i erected by his afflicted widow, and his sorrowing uncle, as a memorial of lasting affection and esteem.’

On the South side of the church is another tablet - an affectionate tribute to the memory of the Rev. John Hanbury, through whose exertions the present ediface was erected. ‘In memory of the Rev. John Hanbury, M.A., for 20 years Rector of this parish, to which hew was inducted at the unanimous request of the parishioners, and for 19 years Vicar of the parish of S. John the Baptist, in this city, who departed this life, September 25th, 1859. Aged 60. The parish is in a great ,easure indebted for the erection of the present Church, School, and Organ.  Zealous and devoted to his Master’s cause; kind and affable to all around him, and ever ready to relieve the wants of the poor. He, though dead, yet speaketh. This tablet was erected by the members of his congrgation, as a small record of the great love borne him for his works’ sake, and of the grace that rested upon him.’

On the North Wall -Marble tablets are also erected to the memory of John Snelgrove, Esq., James Wellington, Esq., and Mr.& Mrs. William Parry, whose priceless services to the parish are lovingly recorded.Also will be found tablets to William John Humphreys(born 1842 died 5th April 1924) and William Maddy(born 1732 died 1st Feb 1819) together with his dauhter, Frances(31 Oc t 1822).

There is also a plaque dedicated to John Reginald Symonds (born 15th October 1850 died 25th November 1924). who was 3 times Mayor of Hereford, Clerk of the Peace and Clerk to the County Council.

nearer the organ console will be found a group of plaques for the Symonds-Taylor family; Capt.Frederick Kiungsley Symonds-Taylor of the Kings Shropshire Light Infantry,( born 1894 died 17th April 1917). He was a son of Lt.Col. R H Symonds-Tasylor as was Admiral Sir Richard Victor Symonds-Taylor,( born 27th October 1897 died 18th February 1971) and his wife, Edith Sarah Symonds-Taylor (born 1867 died 17th November 1950).There are a number of historical ‘write-ups on the Admiral see 1.  and 2.

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