The Building





The present Church building was erected in 1841 and lies between Victoria Street and Friar Street, adjoining the ground upon which the Monastery of White Friars stood; an order which was suppressed by Henry VIII. It is also near to the spot where Hugh de Spencer the younger, who incurred the hatred of the Barons in the reign of Edward II, was hung from a gallows fifty feet high.

The style of architecture is that of Early English; the plan is a parallelogram with a tower at the West, and chancel and vestry at East, projecting beyond each end. The walls are built of hammer-dressed stone, the buttresses being tooled. In the centre of the tower is the West entrance, forming a vestibule, in which steps lead up to a ringing chamber. On the South side is a porch.

Overarching the Chancel is the text: “This is the House of God; this is the Gate of Heaven.”

The Ssanctuary is small and contains a handsome reredos with beautiful stained glass windows representing Christ, S. Luke, and S. John.

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