The People

St Nicholas’ PCC has the responsibility of operating with the incumbant, Revd Prebendary Robert North, in promoting within the ecclesiastical parish the whole mission of the Church, pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical. It also has maintenance responsibilities for St Nicholas’ Church and St Nicholas’ House, both situated in Friar Street, Hereford.

Those serving as members of the PCC are as follows:


Team Rector:                                        Prebendary Robert North

Team Vicar:                                           Revd. Ruth Hulse

Curates:                                                 FR.Matthew Cashmore

Reader:                                                  Chris Webb

Wardens:                                                Mrs Annette Hughes

                                                              Mr Chris Wright

Treasurer:                                               David Piears

Parish Secretary:                                   Julia Wright

Covenant Secretary:                             David Piears

Free Will Scheme Secretary:                 Pat Fenner

Electoral Roll Secretary:                        Julia Wright

Children’s Society Secretary:              

CMS Secretary:                                      Irene Bushell

Christian Aid Representative:              

Representatives on the Deanery Synod:

                                                               Mrs Denise Bradley-Lloyd

                                                                Mrs Annette Hughes

Elected Members                       

To 2014                                                 Miss Pat Fenner

                                                               Mrs Nancy Preece


To 2015                                                   Mr P Bradley-Lloyd

                                                                Mrs Judy Higginson

                                                                Mrs Julia Wright

 To 2016                                                 Mr David Piears                                             

                                                                Mr Paul Tompkins

                                                                 Miss Susanne Hill

                                                                 Mr Chris Wright

Sidespersons elected

8.00 a.m.                                               Mrs Nancy Preece

10.30 a.m.               Mrs Judy Higginson,

                                 Mr Niel Higginson,

                                  Mr William Hill

                               6.30 p.m.              

                                Church Flower Arrangements:                  Margaret North

Publicity Officers:

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