Weekly Sheet

Date: 15th  April 2018

Please pray for::

The migrant and refugee situation

Those who work in the emergency services

The West Hereford Team


anniversaries of Baptism: Jacob Belton,Jack Foster,Phoebe Mason

Sponsored theological student in Tanzania:

Christopher Mduma

Those who are sick or ill:   Edna Benson,Irene Bushell,Brenda Davis,Rosemary Kerlin,Linda Lumb,Stella Lyke,Oscar Minto,Sheila Oakland,,Gwyneth Searle,Pat Watkins,Sian Foster..

Those who have died recently:, Rachel Box (nee Glaspole) Eryl Jones

Those whose anniversary of death occurs this week: Frederick Alloway(1994),Graham Beavan(1993),Ian Beith(1998),Sally Bevan(2009),Robert Cornish(1994),Stuart Deane(1993),Hilda Hollingsworth(1999),Theresa Jones(2010),Nancy Pitt(1998),Darren Pointer(1994),Harold Price(1969),Rose Skyrme(1991),Eileen Symonds(2005),Percy Taylor(2003),Wilfred Webley(1997),Bill Wood(1993)..

1st Lesson:

Acts 3:12-19

2nd Lesson/Gospel:  Luke 24:36b-48

1 John 3:1-7

Psalm 4



16th April  - Isabella Gilmore, Deaconess.1923.

21st April  - Anselm, Abbot of Le Bec,Archbishop of Canterbury,1109

Happy Birthday to: Ros Camden

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