Who's Who in St Nicholas'

Team Rector:

Preb. Rob North, St Nicholas Rectory, Breinton Road, Hereford.HR4 0JY

e-mail  rob@westherefordteam.org.uk

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Chris Webb Christopher@corvedale.plus.com

Church Wardens:

Annette Hughes

Chris Wright

P.C.C. Membership:

Clergy plus.........................................................

Annette Hughes (church Warden)

Chris Wright (Church Warden)

Dave Piears (Treasurer & Gift Aid Officer)

Julia Wright (PCC Secretary/Electoral Roll Secretary)

Paul Bradley-Lloyd (Church Warden))

Denise Bradley-Lloyd

Nancy Preece

Pat Fenner (Freewill Scheme Secretary)

Judy Higginson

Paul Tompkins

Elizabeth Tompkins

Julia Wright (P.C.C.Secretary)

P.C.C. Treasurer and Gift Aid Officer:D V Piears 01432 266103

Freewill Scheme Secretary: Pat Fenner 01432 274772

Electoral Role Secretary: Julia Wright 01432 268481

Mothers’ Union Secretary: Andy Lewis 01432 357281

Sunday School Leader: Margaret North 01432 273810

Bell Ringer’s Secretary: Andy Lewis 01432 357281

Church Flower Arrangements: Margaret North 01432 273810

Church Mission Society Secretary: Irene Bushell 01432 264505

St Nicholas’ House

Bookings: Team Office  01432 273086


Barbara Bollard

Judy Higginson

Annette Hughes

Anne Newman

Margaret North

Chris Webb

Julie Wright

Administrands at the Eucharist:

Irene Bushell

Paul Bradley-Lloyd

Dave Piears

Liz Tomkins

Chris Webb


Mrs Judy Higginson

Mr Neil Higginson

Mrs Joyce Higginson

Mrs Irene Bushell

Mr Bill Hill

The Independant Examiner: Mr Tom Davies, Breinton.

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